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Products That Caught My Eye

Some good stuff for your consideration, products that can I think can really benefit you if you're a contractor. In no particular order: Differential pressure regulators This is a standard item... Continue reading »

Gold's Mattress Radiator

Ive owned one of Stephen J. Golds mattress radiators since the fall of 1989. Its on a shelf in our office now, a part of the little heating museum that we maintain for the sake of wonder and amusement. Last spring, I got a... Continue reading »

But I Can't Afford To Hire!

In my class on how to run your business, Nick, a remodeler, complained about having so much work that he had no time to market. Like many people in the building industry, Nicks sales looked like... Continue reading »

Heating in Russia

My buddy, Fred, was over for a visit and the talk turned to steam. Fred works for Consolidated Edison in New York City. Con Ed provides the electricity and steam for about... Continue reading »

Washington Steam

I was visiting Washington D. C. with the family. We stayed right near the Smithsonian Institute and spent our days walking through museums and breathing in the history and having a fine time. The sight of the homeless people... Continue reading »

What's the Right Temperature?

My sister-in-law Missy has lived with us for the past seven years. Shell turn 40 next September and she has Down Syndrome. She often does things that make perfect sense to her, but it takes us a while to recognize... Continue reading »

Air Filters

If your house has a warm air heating system there's a lot you can learn from your hair dryer. It sounds funny, but every now and then we'll solve a "no-heat" call by telling someone to rearrange... Continue reading »

Boiler Sizing

When steam heating was new, back at the turn of the 19th century, coal was the fuel of choice. It burned hot, and it burned long. A good coal-fired boiler would stay lit for eight to 10 hours on a load of coal. Those early boilers contained cast iron grates that were similar to what you... Continue reading »

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