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Gas Heat Knowledge

My friend Tim McElwain specializes in Gas Appliance Service Training and Consulting. When it comes to this, I think hes the best in the business. Since 1994, hes conducted training nationwide for everyone involved in the Gas Heating Industry. Tim has... Continue reading »


A friend sent me a booklet that New Jersey's Public Service Gas Company (now Public Service Electric and Gas) published in 1917. This little gem appeared during a time when electricity was... Continue reading »

Pipes in Concrete Can Corrode

Were still in our first house, mostly because this is where all the memories are. That maple tree in the center of the backyard, the one that towers over the second-floor roof? I had that tree in the backseat of a... Continue reading »

Some thoughts on a snowy morning

This was originally written on January 26, 2004 when a heavy snowfall shut our company down for the day. I updated it October 30, 2004. Enjoy. - Frank Steamhead Wilsey, I did a job last week that... Continue reading »

Wasted Energy

Somewhere in America an old friend of mine is hanging a low-NOX gas/oil burner on the side of this enormous steam boiler. This burner weighs 3,600 pounds and is the size of a Buick. It produces screaming... Continue reading »

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