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Sylvan Tieger

   First, I would like to say how honored I am to be invited to be a guest writer for this great web site. I think the very first thing I should do is introduce myself.
My name is Sylvan Tieger, Click here to view my qualifications. I live in NYC (New York City - USA) and I am a Licensed Master plumbing contractor.

   To be a "plumber" in NYC as recognized by the plumbing Industry Board, I had to complete a five year apprenticeship (10,000 hours) before I was even allowed to take my Masters test, I had to have a minimum of 10 years working in this trade.

   As you can tell I really wanted to be known as a "plumber " I also should state now that I am a firm believer of using only licensed professionals for all plumbing and gas work. Plumbing is a science and a very honorable profession. Unlike doctors, plumbers not only protect the health of the nation, we seek prevention rather than cure.

   Hopefully, in the future, I can communicate many of my ideas about the "profession" that I find most people have never thought about. Did you know that in NYC, for example, people were dying of all sorts of diseases until plumbers started installing sewers for the raw sewage to convey into a place less objectionable.

   How many people turn on their tap in the morning knowing that hot and cold water will flow freely without ever giving it a second thought?
   Have you ever wondered how it arrived from a reservoir or lake to your home?
   Did you ever consider the pressure to elevate water in a high rise building?

   Next time you look at your faucets or taps look how high it is off the fixture. This is called an Air gap. This simple air space is to prevent the back flow of water into your potable water system. The height is approximately two and a half times the effective opening.

   It is the little things people take for granted that the professional plumber must know. I hardly think you would use a non licensed Doctor so why would you even consider putting your entire family at risk?

   Hopefully we can touch on many many subjects in the near future and I will try to answer every question asked. Plumbing is a respected profession and something that I love to do.
I would love to see the deserved pride brought back to this wonderful trade.

Sylvan at a local school discussing pump replacement

   Enjoy the good heath afforded to you by your plumbing Professional. Be assured that the articles I write will be written with Probity and always in the future with a touch of New York City humor.


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