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Peter Morici

Morici has been involved in the Plumbing and Drain industry since 1973. During that time, he has helped numerous small business owners and field personnel hone their crafts. Later in his career, he became very active in diagnostic technologies for sub-surface investigations. Today, Morici is highly regarded for his work in video inspection and electronic line locating methodologies.

What makes Morici different is that he is an innovator in their application as sales tools and revenue generators. His seminar, Where the Big Money is Today received high praise from colleagues and is credited for igniting his industry. One major manufacturer said, "Pete launched this business, twenty years into the future." Morici's seminars are exciting, informative and instructional. His expertise has been shared with thousands of contractors around the world through his writings, lectures and visits. He is also a prior Vice President of the Mr. Rooter Corporation and an inductee into the prestigious Who's Who of Executives and Professionals.


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