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Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell comes form the Portable Instrument Industry for over 6 years and has a college certificate in Electronic Engineering. Working at Mitchell Instrument (no relation), Lisa's responsibilities were sales, tech support, and managing 294 pages of their 450-page full color mail order catalog. Along with over seeing production of the company's test catalogs. This is a national phone/mail sales company.

In 1996 Lisa was hired, as a Marketing Consultant for Maio Marketing, Inc. Maio was a business to business training Company, performing seminars and sales of products ranging from Videos to Computer Products. Lisa's duties were providing qualified training, and support to over 5,000 clients in the service business. After just over 1 year Lisa was promoted to National Sales Manager. There she was still caring for her clients as well as development of new marketing campaigns, new/existing products, coordinating seminars, along with managing all consultants.

Her experience in this industry is family wide. She is Third Generation in the service industry. Her Grandfather, Grandmother, and Father have been in new construction for over 30 years. Her brother is a technician, in the plumbing industry, who was on the cover of the Reeve s Journal in Oct 97, as well as featured in the Meet The Tech video from Maio Marketing. He also conducted several Tech Seminars at Maio's Seeing Is Believing Seminar.

Lisa H. Mitchell Dbs.

Toll Free (Within USA): 877-SVC-DOCS (782-3627)
International: +1 882 782 3627
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