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John Gill

Many years ago I began an indentured Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship and at the end of seven years of part-time study and practical work experience, I achieved a Higher National Certificate (London University).

I began my career as a draughtsman but found I was more suited to the sales side of the business and I specialised in selling solenoid valves which covered a varied and wide market from nuclear, petro-chem, automotive to robotics.

I had the privilege of being involved with some very interesting projects with North Sea Oil Rigs, Nuclear Power Plants as well as robotic projects in the electronics industry.

In the late seventies I was made redundant so with my family I emigrated to Australia where I resumed my career in solenoid valves getting involved in the much larger Automatic Control Valves (A.C.V.'s).

The particular Company that I joined had their main product line aimed at the plumbing industry which was another progression for me, keeping me for the last ten years involved in backflow prevention and assisting the plumbing industry through the various organisations and industry groups.

Along the way I have attended numerous sales and management courses both here and in Europe and as a consequence I am a fellow of the European Sales and Marketing Institute as well as a member of the Australian Institute of Sales and Marketing.

At this present moment in time I am heavily involved with the plumbing industry in N.S.W. particularly with regard to backflow prevention and spent a lot of time with T.A.F.E. industry groups, local Government and utilities in educating and supporting backflow prevention within the industry.

Presently I am self-employed and work for Flotech Solutions Pty Ltd.
Mobile: 0438 258 016


John Gill

"Plumbers Protect The Health Of The World." <%Call CloseSQLDB()%>