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John Aldrich

John has been a septic system consultant since 1976. He began his career as President of Utility Engineering Corporation of Colorado (UECC). Initially, his firm only designed individual on-site sewage treatment and disposal systems, performed soil percolation tests, and provided engineering services relating to electrical power line design for Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association (his previous employer). As the business developed, UECC offered septic system installation services, sewage treatment planning services for large scale, mountain subdivision developments, and project management services for the water and sewer associations, created to centrally manage the specially designed, decentralized systems.

John is an innovator in promoting, and developing alternative, onsite sewage treatment technology. He participated in the design of rotationally molded polyethylene plastic septic tanks, and was the first designer, and installer of the Advanced Drainage Systems, SB*2 gravelless leach field tubing in Colorado. In the early 1990s, he designed and installed the first subsurface flow Constructed Wetland Filter system (CWF), treating residential septic tank effluent in Colorado. John has developed several unique design features for the many subsequent CWF systems that he has designed, and installed.

Mr John Aldrich

A US Patent #5951866, was granted in 1999 for these unique constructed wetland filter design features. He believes that "in the trench experience" results in making one a better designer, and results in better system designs. Much of his knowledge pertaining to the technical aspects of septic system design was obtained through reading many books, reports, and professional papers on the subject. In the trench experience, however puts the theories into practice, where the results then can be measured, and analyzed.

Construction management services were provided by John to Rawan Contracting Establishment (RCE) of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf War. RCE provided sewage treatment facilities, and water supply facilities for the temporary camps established in the desert by the several international military organizations participating in that conflict.

In November of 1998, John and his wife Laurene, visited their son Randy and his wife Laura, in beautiful, exciting Sydney, Australia. John took advantage of this opportunity to visit several Aussies who are in the septic system business. Interestingly, his "Aussie Mates" in the business, experience the very same attitudes, and faulty perceptions of septic systems by the general public, and barriers to progress in the industry by regulators, that he has experienced in the USA. The articles he writes will be designed to promote the use of the new technologies, and concepts being developed in the on-site sewage system industry throughout the world.
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