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Geoff Moore

  1974 - Completed Post Trade Advanced Plumbing Certificate - Honours Grade.

  1980 - Completed Plumbing Services certificate Honours Grade.

  1981 - Completed Diploma of Teaching

  1986 - Completed Water Chemistry Certificate

  Geoff has been training apprentices for 21 years and during that time he has seen many changes to the delivery of plumbing programs.

Geoff is a recognised discipline expert in the training area and has extensive knowledge of the Plumbing programs that are currently offered by NSW.

In his spare time he enjoys coaching soccer at representative level and is a holder of a Level 2 Australian Soccer Coaching Certificate.

Geoff is also a member of the NSW Master Plumbers Association and the Institute of Plumbing Australia.


Geoff commenced his plumbing apprenticeship in 1970 and worked in all facets of the trade including industrial, commercial and domestic installations.

He joined NSW in 1978 and completed his teaching qualifications at Sydney Teachers College.

He is currently the Senior Head Teacher of Plumbing at Mount Druitt College of and has extensive experience in course design and curriculum development.

Geoff has conducted training programs at the Homebush Olympic Site and is actively involved in the Training of unemployed youth.


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