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David Walling

Mr David Walling15 years ago David Walling started his career in the water treatment industry working for his father in a family owned water treatment company. The company specializes in renting reverse osmosis systems to homeowners and businesses.

During 11 years of installing literally thousands of these systems in Arizona he came up with the idea for ROCONN. This was a revelation to David and this propelled him to learn as much as he could about reverse osmosis equipment. In 1997 he began working on patenting the invention and in 1998 was awarded a US patent # 5660720.

David has had 3 articles related to his invention published in Water Technology and Water Conditioning and Purifacation Magazines.

Also in 1998 he began working for ZyzaTech water systems as a field service engineer. In this position he is responsible for installing 510-K approved water treatment equipment in kidney dialysis facilities in North America.

Living in Phoenix Arizona and travelling all over the country he was determined to tell everyone about ROCONN. He designed the web site www.roconn.com and started retailing reverse osmosis equipment through his Internet based business. David's 4th article is being published in the May issue of Water Quality Products. David and his wife Colleen have been married for 9 years and have 3 children. They enjoy an Arizona lifestyle together and they both love to take kids to exciting places.


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