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Dan Holohan

Dan Holohan began his love affair with the heating industry in 1970 at the urging of his father who counseled, "It's a good business, kid. You'll never be out of work because people are always going to need heat. Especially in the winter!"

He took his father's advice and began his career with a New York-based manufacturer's representative that was deeply involved in the steam and hot-water heating business. He studied hard, associated only with positive people and paid close attention to what they had to say.

Today, Dan writes monthly columns on hydronic heating for Contractor, Supply House Times, Plumbing & Mechanical, PM/Engineer, and Oilheating magazines. He's written a dozen popular books on subjects ranging from steam heating to teaching technicians.

From Maine to Hawaii, and from Florida to Alaska, Dan has taught over 50,000 people at his seminars. He is well known throughout the heating industry for his entertaining, anecdotal style of speaking.

Dan lives on Long Island with his wife, The Lovely Marianne, and their four daughters.
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