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Colin Dunn

Mr Colin Dunn I served my Plumbing apprenticeship with W B Dougherty, Leichhardt from 1953 to 1958.

I joined the NSW Department of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) in 1979, following 25 years in business, government and working within the private sector.

I was State Manager of Plumbing Programs - Construction & Transport Educational Services Division of

The Plumbing Sector, Building & Construction has 120 full time teachers that services industry needs providing a comprehensive range of Occupational, Trade, Post Trade and Associate Diploma Courses, servicing over 4 600 students across NSW.

Throughout my career I have been actively involved in negotiation, liaison and communication in areas of industry, commerce, and community as well as in education. Importantly with Natural Gas Company, Gas Engineers Association of Australia, Public Works Department, Water Board, Plumbers Electrician Union, and Master Plumbers Association.

I have been active in planning and organising the O.H. & S. Management Plan, Teaching Programs, Course development and their implementation to meet industry specification.

I worked with the Business centre in the commercial area of North Sydney in the development of the Thermostatic Mixing Valves, Backflow Prevention and Plumbing for Electricians Courses.

My ability to design and develop main stream and special courses to suit the needs of the Building & Construction Industry Training division has got me involved in special courses for the Aboriginal Unit, e.g. Plumbing for Aboriginals in Isolated Communities (Associate Diploma), and Aboriginal Health subjects.

I also organise lectures by local industry representatives and liaise with general industry. I am particularly involved with inquiries re curriculum, courses and development matters, importantly to the implementation of competency based training.

I am married with five children. I am a founding member of the Band of the New South Wales Ambulance and I am Administration officer with rank of Station Officer Grade 2. Any time I have left after all my busy activities, I relax as a water colourist, woodworker and a keen traveller. <%Call CloseSQLDB()%>